Zume Pizza Driver App

Working closely with another product designer, I redesigned a delivery app for Zume Pizza's fleet of delivery drivers (called Pielots). The goal was to replace a legacy app designed for company issued iPads with native iOS and Android apps that Pielots could use on their own devices. The old solution had clunky UX (holding several pizzas and an iPad is not ideal—I experienced it firsthand!), operations (Pielots had to pick up an iPad at base before they could start their shift in another trade area), and was expensive to scale. Our solution allowed Pielots to report directly to their mobile kitchen hub and use whatever device they were comfortable with.

I developed Operational Mobile App guidelines to inform our decision making, prioritizing safety and extending our company values to the app experience. I did ridealongs with Pielots and delivery shifts using the legacy system to understand some of the usability pain points, and more with our new system to validate our solutions. While building out a design system to support both native platforms, I spearheaded our switch from Sketch + InVision to Figma, which not only saved the company $20,000, but more importantly improved our workflow and coordination with developers.

This was the first project where I focused on building out an atomic design system, and Figma made it pretty easy. I was also proud of certain design flourishes that would help make this app more friendly, as it would be the primary touchpoint for Pielots, so we needed to provide a welcoming environment.

When it comes to collaboration, this project was one of the best. I was partnering with another product designer, which allowed us to bounce ideas off each other and move quickly. Our PM did a great job coordinating between design, engineering, and fleet operations, and leading our acceptance testing. I attended standups most days with our mobile engineering team, and often sat side by side with them. Along with design reviews, we determined points where the Pielot may need to wait for data to load and how we can mitigate that.

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