About me


Hi, I'm Kai. I'm an end-to-end product designer who loves diving deep into problems and working cross-functionally to design tools to help people.


Design experience

I've been a designer over 13 years. I got my first break photoshopping people's heads on the wrong bodies in middle school in Connecticut. I designed logos and sold t-shirts out of my car in high school, and then did more of the same while studying graphic design at Yale. I flexed my sports design muscles while interning at Brandiose and SME , performed VR medical procedures at Digital Surgeons (just checking if you're reading closely, it's actually a forward-thinking digital agency), and I've worked the last 3 years as the first product designer at Zume (originally Zume Pizza) in San Francisco.

At Zume, I helped grow the design team from 1 to over 20, had a hand in nearly every user interface in production, and even had a literal hand in several pizza photoshoots. I also organized all of our sports teams—The Fightin' Pizzas (softball), Molten Mouth FC (soccer), A Tribe Called Crust, and the Superfoods (multi-sport)—complete with game summaries sent to the whole company every week and custom team uniforms (and stickers!).

A few other things I'm proud to share

I recently won the How Low Can Your Logo contest, as judged by Michael Bierut, Jessica Hische, and Armin Vit.

I created Punctumotion, a motion-based typographic system to express emotion in messages.

I led Berkeley College to our first Yale-wide intramural sports championship in 56 years, improving from 10th/12 to 1st in my four years.

Molten Mouth soccer team photoFightin' Pizzas softballt eam photo

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